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How are you likely to die?

A couple of days ago the excellent Nathan Yau of Flowing Data put up a very nice viz of the causes of death in the U.S. It was a great starting point but it left people with a whole lot of questions.

I’d actually fiddled with a viz from the same source in the past when I was waiting for my Tableau license at work (basically the ‘Selectable Bubble Drilldown’ version without quite as nice a graph) and really liked his ‘percentage of total’ structure for the stacked areas, though I thought it left a bit out of the story.


That in mind, I tweaked what I had and added races to the dataset (Source) and enhanced the visualization for the causes. Now you can select causes and/or races and see how the causes of death vary from population to population.

I hope that’s helpful to anybody wanting more information about mortality here in the U.S. And if anybody has any ideas as to how I can enhance it let me know!

Click HERE to explore!

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