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If you’re a math geek like me, you’ve already figured out the reference to statistical variance. If you aren’t, you shouldn’t be more than a quick google search and maybe a khan academy video away from understanding it and anything else we (I say we but I guess just me for now, but hopefully more soon) post here. If you’ve now figured it out and still have no interest, that’s fine too.

Full Discosure: I do not now nor have I ever worked for Khan Academy, but I have managed to obtain a BA in Mathematics after stupidly skipping my share of classes and being bailed out by videos by them as well as PatrickJMT (again, this is most certainly not me)


What I hope this Becomes

I want this to be an outlet for informal math and statistics relevant to anything have an interest in. I say informal for two reasons:

  1. I don’t want people to feel pressured that everything has to be proofs and long studies that very few of us have the time or desire to do.
  2. I like reading about interesting work, but would rather skip the tedious language used in most math texts.

I have not created this for my own personal benefit (at least at this point), though I do want people to read it. I just want an accessible outlet to read, post, and discuss any applications of math. Think of it like a more interactive FiveThirtyEight (and if you haven’t already checked out Nate Silver’s work it is very good, but has surrendered to a more traditional model now that it is owned by ESPN).

What Will be Posted Here

I hope things can be cross posted to any one of the mainstream kinja blogs, whether it be the FP or a sub blog. I have my interests and you have yours, but I love reading about the statistics of it all (Really Anything!). With that in mind here are some examples of what I think would be cool to read:

  • Opinions and Analysis statistically about current events (Sports, Politics, New Products, Social Issues, etc.)
  • Debunking Misleading Statistics (similar to this piece I did about last year’s Ice Bucket Challenge or any other clickbait statistics that are utter marketing bullshit)
  • Creating New Metrics to be applied wether you have the opportunity to apply them or not (like this piece about acceleration mapping in cars and bikes or any new ideas for interpreting collected data)
  • Critiques of current applications of statistics (like polynomial modeling to fit a data set, advanced sabermetrics, etc.)
  • Interpretations of Historic Statistical predictions or mistakes (the 1936 Literary Digest poll for instance)
  • Opinions on current or classic logic puzzles that everyone seems to come across in one form or another (like the classic U2 problem)
  • Anything you want to hear about! I hope this community gets big enough where there will always be someone that has a strong desire in any topics you want covered.

Links will be updated as quickly as I can post initial content. Until then, use your imagination I guess.


Authorship Requests

I really don’t want this to be that difficult and I really like the way Oppo does things so I’m going to poach their system (as well as some of their rules) with a little twist. To gain authorship privileges (yes it can be taken away if we feel you’re abusing our community) all you have to do is:

  1. Read the Rules (listed below)
  2. Request in the comments here or on any of the posts with the tag AUTHORSHIP
  3. Link an article on your own kinja blog that shows your interest in math/stats
  4. Once approved share that post with a little introduction about yourself (background/interests/job). It doesn’t have to be anything personally revealing, it’s just to get to know people here.
  5. Start Posting


  1. Don’t be a dick. Unless you’re name is actually Dick. We can all take some criticism, but this should be a generally friendly place. Remember, most people are intimidated by math (mostly because of the stigma that math is hard and a poor teacher or two along the way). Now, this applies mostly to other commenters or authors, I have no problem with public figures being called out for their ignorance with regard to the numbers as long as you have some data to back it up.
  2. No NSFW material. If you have to ask don’t post it. This is the only one that is set in stone with me and will lead to immediate revoking of your authorship privileges.
  3. Don’t use this to promote your own products or services please. A one time post is cool if you are doing something thats math related, but don’t use it as your personal ad generator (besides no one reads it yet anyways).
  4. Any pictures should be your own or at least cited. It’s a blog, no need to be fancy just link to the original source somewhere.
  5. Don’t post your homework. I don’t want to do your math homework and there are already plenty of sites to do that on now. Maybe in the future we can start a chatroom or something on another platform and link to it once a night or so.
  6. Again, Don’t be a dick. Please no sexist, racist, or otherwise offensive posts. We’re all educated people enough to know that ideas like eugenics aren’t real or ethical.
  7. As far as formatting goes, it’s up to you but it’s nice to have a picture at the beginning of your article and an “About the Author” section at the end, like you see below.
  8. Please Tag your article with one or more appropriate subject(s). I have some listed here for now, but I can add any upon request to this list: SPORTS, POLITICS, CARS, TECH, SOCIAL, PUZZLE, MONEY.
  9. One more time, Don’t be a dick.

About the Author: Patrick is a graduate of Saint Anselm College in Manchester, NH and other than numbers enjoys sports (especially hockey), beer, cars, outdoor activities in general, and plants (despite a very mediocre high school level knowledge in biology). He is probably a dick.

Contact the blog at sigma.squared.blog@gmail.com for tips, article ideas, or questions.


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